David Philpot

Artist – Master Staff Maker, Carver, Mosaic & Collage Master

Sticks and Canes

David Philpot began his art career 40+ years ago with the thought of making a cane,

but was inspired to begin making tall staffs.

However, throughout the years he has made canes and walking sticks, as well.

They are not only works of art, but functional, too.

These walking sticks and canes are made of re-purposed wood, and either carved only,

or variously carved and embellished with jewels beads, found objects and Swarovsky crystals.

They meld the beauty and power of natural wood with extraordinary ornamentation.


Philpot and unfinished staffs

The handles of Walking Sticks are plain or gilded, and

all are topped with repurposed vintage or antique door knobs.



Philpot and 3 canes, with wife, Marsha and Olayami Dabls, as MBAD Bead Museum, Detroit.




Above, a walking stick with a collection of Philpot’s signature found objects – antique watches




Philpot Canes and Walking Sticks are available and inquiries may be made:

via email – dphilpot11@gmail.com

or in comment box below.

Comments for his eyes only will not be posted publically

4 thoughts on “Sticks and Canes

  1. Greetings MR. Philpot. My name is Anthony Gooden, I met you at this years 2015 African World Festival. I am intrested and talked to you about a staff I would like for you too make for me. It would consist of ancient adinka symbols. Like the Auk ,Scarb ,Sankofa bird ,Gye Nyame ,and the Nsoroma Star. I will send you pictures of the symbols.

  2. Beautiful work. Do you ever carve pairs of sticks intended for trecking?

    • Thank you. my husband, David Philpot, passed away in June 2018. I’m sure he would have liked the idea of such trekking sticks.

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