David Philpot

Artist – Master Staff Maker, Carver, Mosaic & Collage Master


DSC06040Philpot was inspired to make staffs after seeing the movie The Ten Commandments, wherein Moses carried – and wielded – a tall staff.


In the 40+ years since, he has produced an amazing variety of staffs, with all manner of carvings and embellishments. Experts have long noted the totemic nature of these works, and the transcendent role of the staff as a symbol of power and authority in many cultures. David Philpot has established himself as a master in this realm.

1240628_10201366547439196_1251868691_n 942750_10201366546599175_1321863187_n 1187241_10201366547599200_88760707_n 996611_10201366547919208_391011547_n 1238920_10201366548319218_665476874_n 1237182_10201366551359294_1354788461_n 1184888_10201366550759279_494509409_n 1174687_10201366550519273_489278492_n 1236639_10201366551879307_208809942_n 1011563_10201366552319318_1646798228_n 1234851_10201366552519323_1594003707_n1240628_10201366547439196_1251868691_n

556275_437759886259636_906532158_nIMG_4921 (1)181142_3365156569210_1039262010_n261243_1807933159598_7375725_n261483_1807919439255_7674850_n264393_1807934519632_5578097_n481255_3365155729189_788503293_nb9447a261bd5b8f18f68062dfbe4154cIMG_4922 (3)philpot-copystaffs%20on%20wall

DSC04697  untitled imagesCA3YMW0O264393_1807934519632_5578097_n

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