David Philpot

Artist – Master Staff Maker, Carver, Mosaic & Collage Master

David Philpot – Workshops



                                David Philpot Workshops – Inspired and Inspiring 

David Philpot’s workshops are often described as memorable, and in January, 2016, David Philpot received an affirming, unexpected email. Philpot was so moved upon reading this message, he asked the writer – whom he does not know – permission to reprint it in its entirety, which was graciously granted. It is reprinted below.

It is a testimony to the power of art – and to the power of committed, engaged artists who are willing to reach out to the young people who come before them. It is a special tribute to David Philpot, who takes particular pride in his ability to share his artistry and skill with others.

Philpot guides participants – adults and children – in carving, and in creating decorated mini-staffs, miniature versions of his own artworks, using cardboard tubing, up-cycled jewels and found objects. He has conducted recent workshops in Detroit for Family Day Extravaganza at MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Design Detroit) and The Detroit Design Festival 2015, on the Detroit RiverWalk.

To schedule a workshop, contact David Philpot at dphilpot11@gmail.com.


Photos from David Philpot Workshops
                                                         Detroit Design Festival 2015, Detroit RiverWalk
                                                           Chicago workshop, years ago……
             Participants in MOCAD Family Extravaganza 2015 and their amazing work.
               Stunning work at Detroit Design Festival Youth Day, 2015; Detroit RiverWalk
                    Three young artist sisters with their works in progress, at MOCAD 2015
12055166_10205037514639044_286035490_oDeep into the creative process at Detroit Design Festival Youth Day, 2015, Detroit RiverWalk
10671386_10203139551711157_3489522606017798482_n-2         Philpot and an exceptionally gifted young artist compare their work, MOCAD, 2014
                Contact David Philpot at  dphilpot11@gmail.com to schedule a workshop.