David Philpot

Artist – Master Staff Maker, Carver, Mosaic & Collage Master



Please contact:

via email: dphilpot11@gmail.com

via comment box, below:


David Philpot is available for workshops in the Detroit area. 

During his four decades of creating art, before moving to Detroit,

he lead inumerable workshops in the Chicago area,  too numerous to list here,

but includes many schools and arts programs:

the noted Franklin Arts Center, The DuSable Museum, The Dallas Museum,

Greenwich and Docklands International Fest in London England, 

the Michigan Arts Education Conference in Sault St. Marie, MI, 

and the Detroit Institute of Arts.

A joyful finale of a Philpot workshop, at the Franklin Arts Center in Chicago:

Please contact:

via email: dphilpot11@gmail.com 

via comment box, below:


 Philpot has been a craftsman-artist on Detroit built spaces such as the Trinosophe gallery in Detroit

and he is available for Detroit projects.


Walking sticks and canes are available directly from David Philpot

Please contact via email: dphilpot11@gmail.com / via comment box, below:


Please contact via email: dphilpot11@gmail.com / via comment box, below:


questions/comments for Philpot only will not be made public


One thought on “Contact

  1. Your presentation at Anton Art Center last night was entrancing. Would you be available to present a similar program to the Mt. Clemens Art Association (MCAA) on Monday, November 6th. We meet downstairs at the Mt. Clemens Public Library at 6:30 p.m.
    Our budget is a little skimpy so let us know if this is even a possibility.
    Doreen Rice

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